438 2005 46 MOESM1 ESM

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438 2005 46 MOESM1 ESM
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   1 Electronic Supplementary Material Legends S1  List of barley SNP loci mapped in the study. Loci are listed in the genetic linkage map order. Mapping populations, polymorphism types, genotyping methods, chromosome and chromosome location in cM are indicated. Response of selected genes to different kinds of abiotic stresses is shown. If the expression studies were conducted using Affymetrix Barley1 GeneChip, the direction of transcript accumulation change is also shown. The sources of expression data were following: UCR - J.T. Svensson, H. Walia, E.M. Rodriguez, T.J. Close, unpublished studies; SCRI – (Rostoks et al. 2004); Swiss-Prot – barley genes homologous to amino acid sequences responsive to abiotic stress from the Swiss-Prot database. Rice gene models homologous to the mapped barley unigenes (HarvEST assembly #21) were identified by BLASTx search against TIGR rice pseudomolecules version 3 (http://www.tigr.org/tdb/e2k1/osa1/pseudomolecules/info.shtml). Rice chromosome and start of the gene model on the chromosome in bp are indicated. Homology based annotations of the barley unigenes are from HarvEST version 1.34 (http://harvest.ucr.edu). S2  Alignment of 2,008 polymorphic sites derived from 602 sequence contigs. The sequences are provided in a non-interleaved format suitable for analysis using DNASP (Rozas et al. 2003) (http://www.ub.es/dnasp/ ). S3  Complete integrated map calculated using JoinMap 3.0 (Kyazma, Wageningen, The Netherlands). Graphic presentation of the map can be obtained using MapChart software (Voorrips 2002).   2 
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