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Maine Republic Email Alert “. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher “. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?” — I Corinthians 14:8 — No.436 03/00/13 This is WAR by TAKE AMERICA BACK (TAB) Spokesperson Phil Merletti willowbee.traveler@hotmail.com www.takeamericabackofmaine.vpweb.com In the ancient days, people tended their gardens, animals, homes and children. Villages thrived because all the peop
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  Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011 http://maine-patriot.com/ drobin88@comcast.net1 This is WAR “. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?” — I Corinthians 14:8 —  03/00/13   Maine Republic  Email Alert  “ . . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher   No.436  by TAKE AMERICA BACK (TAB)Spokesperson Phil Merlettiwillowbee.traveler@hotmail.comwww.t   akeamericabackofmaine.vpweb.comIn the ancient days, peopletended their gardens, animals,homes and children. Villages thrivedbecause all the people workedtogether to make things work.The Huns and Mongols knew thatthese village people would be nothreat if they invaded. Theyunderstood that the average tribesof people were too busy trying to liveand they had no time to plan andform defensive operations andweapon systems to ward off theterrorist. Like most animals, peopledo what they can to survive, buthumans try even less if it is too hard,it is their nature.Every village that prosperedcrossed their fingers and prayed thatthe attackers would never find theirpeaceful section of the world. Whenthe alarm was sounded that theHuns or Mongols were on the hill, thewoman and children ran into theirstraw thatched homes, while theirmen sheepishly grabbed their rakesand shovels knowing that their liveswould soon end and their villageswould soon burn to the ground. Iftheir families were lucky, they wouldsurvive; the elderly were killed, theirwives would be taken, raped andplaced into bondage with theirchildren.Well folks, the Mongols and theHuns are on the hill! And the villagerstoday do not even know that they arethere. The Mongols and Huns aresmarter today, for they have skillfullyentered into our villages and theyhave learned how to infiltrate ourlocal and federal political systems,our schools, businesses, newsmedia, military and law enforcement.The enemy has developed theability to convince people that theyare our friends. They convince youto stay weak and vulnerable and thissickness permeates every aspect ofthe villager’s lives. People are led likesheep and when the day comes forslaughter, there will be no hiding inthe huts, and the elderly and thewomen and children will standwaiting for their fate while they seetheir villages plundered.Wake up! The enemies are hereand there is not much time left to stoptheir agenda.The Communist, Socialist,Fascist, Islamist and progressivesare the new Huns and Mongols;same goals, same beliefs and sameend tactics, only sophisticated. Theyare in your governments/both politicalparties, schools, businesses, newsmedia, military and law enforcement.Many of the village people do notrecognize who they are and they donot understand how they have beenused to fulfill this movement. Doesthis sound like tin hat stuff, if it does;the enemy has done their job well.If you know what I am talkingabout, why then are you not activelymeeting with like minded peoplewho are already engaged andfighting this scourge in ourGovernment, business, news media,schools, military and law enforce-ment. Why are you still sitting athome complaining about how youare being controlled, over taxed andtreated while others are doingsomething about it.Those of us who are involved holdour Constitutions high, but the weak-minded laugh and scoff and burytheir heads in the sand. It could nothappen here in America. We have astrong government and military. Wehave religion and our schools andinstitutions are the best. Whileothers that know and understand feeloverwhelmed and beaten down, theybow their heads and say; it’s a wastethe time, it’s to late!Some people will wait to theeleventh hour and say: “It is never tolate to stand for what is right”(remember the Alamo). On the otherhand, for those at the Alamo, it is tolate, there is a breaking point, a pointof no return for them.Soon, it may be too late for all ofus if you do not become active withus. You will wake up one day and youwill find a different world. The take-over movement has been slow upto the last four years, but now themovement has been shifted into highgear. Unconstitutional laws to controlyou lives are flowing like a waterfall  Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011 http://maine-patriot.com/ drobin88@comcast.net2 out of Washington and Augusta.Money/taxes, Medical insuranceprograms, Private property, RealEstate, Education, the right to work,the right to protect yourself withfirearms and your Maine and U.S.Constitutions are the biggest targets.Seven of the 10 principals in theCommunism Manifesto have alreadybeen fulfilled.Criminal Legislators that havesworn an Oath to protect theConstitution and the people’s naturaland unalienable rights are passinglaws at record rate to take themaway. Those legislators thatunderstand are submitting as manybills to counter this attack, but whenthese bills come to committee,where are the people to support orgive testimony to preserve theirrights, the legislators weaken thepeoples pleas.Do you think you can trust all ofyour political leaders; we would notbe in this mess now if they did their job in the beginning! Good legislatorsare overwhelmed. Criminal politicalleaders know that those who workfor a living will have to take time offat the risk of not being paid for theday and possible retribution fromtheir employers, so they averagecitizen cannot defend their rightsbefore the legislature. To add insultto injury, the bills are heard duringthe day time hours and the capital isdown south where the oppositionlives and it takes time and money totravel. And then they only give 3minutes to get you point across atthe hearings.Listen; the church bells areringing the warnings and the ridersare calling for you to respond, theHuns and the Mongols are coming!!Can we count on you to be at thevillage greens, will you be ready? Orwill you be hiding and shivering withthe elderly and your wives andchildren hoping that the enemy willnot see your home.Civilizations have come and gone.Most civilizations have gone becauseof apathy, laziness and fear. Manycivilizations have gone because theywere over run by their enemy, butmany have perished because thepeople were to dumb and stupid tofight when the time arrived!The bill to Ban the United NationsAgenda 21 (LD 220) and the bill toprotect the names of ConcealedWeapons Permits (345) are stillbeing worked on. Please take thetime to put out the word to friendsand family to contact their legislatorsto support the Constitution.Meanwhile, there are still 8 firearmbills that violate our ConstitutionalRights and the Huns and Mongolswill be there to support theirpassage. You need to call yourlegislators and demand that theyfollow Constitutional Law. When wecall you to the village green, you needto respond.Please be there in opposition,support or give testimony to the nextunconstitutional bills!Get active and if possible join andsupport your local “T” Party! Andlastly, join us with the Remonstranceand pray that this part of the tribulationdoes not last long.Spokesperson Phil Merletti Back Issues:http://www.scribd.com/maine_patriot_pressBooks by the publisher:http://tinyurl.com/ctj3zsxThe Re-Declaration of Independence of 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1K7YeuziKA “ad Christi potentium et gloriam”(for the power and glory of Christ)
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