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Public Disclosure Authorized Draft Decision Draft Report No. 43590-BR Public Disclosure Authorized Different Paths to Student Learning Good Practices and Student Performance: Identifying Success from Municipal School Systems in Brazil June 04, 2008 Public Disclosure Authorized Brazil Country Management Unit Human Development Unit Latin America and the Caribbean Region Public Disclosure Authorized 1 2 CURRENCY EQUIVALENTS (Exchange Rate Effective: June 05, 2008) Currency Unit = Real R$
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  Draft Decision DraftReport No. 43590-BR Different Paths to Student Learning Good Practices and Student Performance:Identifying Success from Municipal School Systems in Brazil June 04, 2008Brazil Country Management UnitHuman Development UnitLatin America and the Caribbean Region      P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d   P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d   P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d   P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d  1  2 CURRENCY EQUIVALENTS(Exchange Rate Effective: June 05, 2008)Currency Unit = RealR$1.00 = US$0.53 ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS CGU General-Controllership of the Union ( Controladoria Gerald a União) CREDES Regional Education Centres ( Centros Regionais de Educação )EJA Youth and Adults EducationENEM National Secondary Education Test ( Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio )FNDE National Education Development Fund ( Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento daEducação  FPE State Participation Fund ( Fundo de Participação Estadual )FPM Municipal Participation Fund ( Fundo de Participação Municipal )FUNDEB Fund for the Improvement of Basic Education and for Enhancing the Value of the Education ProfessionFUNDEF Fund for the Improvement of Elementary Education and for Enhancing the Valueof the Teaching ProfessionGDP Gross Domestic ProductHDI Human Development IndexIDEB Education Development IndexIMRS Social Responsibility Index (  Índice Mineiro de Responsabilidade Social – )INEP National Institute for Educational Studies and ResearchLDB National Educational Bases and Guidelines LawMEC Ministry of EducationMPF Federal ‘Public Ministry‘PAR Plan for Articulated Actions  PDDE Money Directly to Schools Program ( Programa Dinheiro Direto na Escola )PDE Education Development PlanPASEP Programa de Formação do Patrimônio do Servidor PúblicoPISA International Program for Student AssessmentPMDI Integrated Minas Gerais Development PlanPNAE National School Meals Program ( Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar)  PNATE National School Transport Support Program ( Programa Nacional de Apoio aoTransporte do Escolar) SAEB National Basic Education Test (Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da Educação Básica)  SEBRAE Brazilian Support Service for Medium and Small EnterprisesSENAC National Service for Training in CommerceSESC National Social Service for Commercial WorkersSESI National Social Service for Industrial WorkersSEE State Secretariat for EducationSMEs Brazil’s Municipal Education SecretariatsTC Accounts TribunalsTCE State Accounts TribunalsTCM Municipal Accounts Tribunals  3 This report was prepared by the following: World Bank Suhas D. Parandekar, Task team LeaderIsabel de Assis Ribeiro de OliveiraMaria Madalena Rodriguez dos Santos Érica AmorimKathy LindertAndrea WelshCarla ZardoMarize de Fátima SantosFabiana Rezende Imperatriz MEC/Inep: Fabiana de FelícioAna Cristina SchneiderRoberta BiondiRafael Terra de MenezesCarolina ZoghbiRafaela CabralJaqueline Silva Field Researchers :Marcelo Emanuel dos Santos, Gehysa Lago, Roberta Guedes, Rafael Leão, Raphael Nascimento,Miriam Virginia Ramos Rosa, Ana Silvia Pires, Ana Lucia Amado, Ângela Ansiliero, MauricioFronzaglia, Rosana Allatta, Regina Conrado Melo Regional VicePresident Pamela Cox Country Director John Briscoe Country Economist Deborah Wetzel Sector Director Evangeline Javier Sector Manager Eduardo Velez Acting Sector Leader Maria   Madalena Santos The authors would like to acknowledge and thank the Brazilian authorities at thefederal and state level, as well the many representatives of private sector, civilsociety, and the education sector who contributed ideas, information, and providedfeedback through the research process and elaboration of successive drafts.
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