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   MSISDNDateREF_ID  address status 963194967028-Jun-1438165778 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404941230-Jun-1438169264 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194912810-Jul-1438188883 s Or became silent while On 3G M WIP963194968515-Jul-1438197266 : 9631949685 TEXT: 3g network n WIP 9631949948 16-Jul-14 38200342  ample Numbers: 9631949948 TEX WIP963194912816-Jul-1438202117 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194994821-Jul-1438216928 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194976023-Jul-1438223195 60 TEXT: 3g speed issue Current WIP963194975624-Jul-1438227110BHKIS-04 800290444 03WIP993404927125-Jul-1438230911 8521786834 users are unable to WIP963194918625-Jul-1438233346 ple Numbers: 9631949910 TEXT: WIP963194969525-Jul-1438233394 G Sample Numbers: 9631949695 WIP993404926428-Jul-1438240225 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194917828-Jul-1438241440 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404933529-Jul-1438243908 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194977329-Jul-1438245151 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194996830-Jul-1438245694 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP995559921231-Jul-1438249000 9631379767WIP993404924131-Jul-1438247865 JHNGR 01 at 9835838280WIP963194969231-Jul-1438249906 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP852102739431-Jul-1438250394 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP99340492551-Aug-1438252206 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319496951-Aug-1438252209 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP99340492551-Aug-1438253140 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319496922-Aug-1438255675 Numbers: 9801574766 TEXT: 3G s WIP96319491712-Aug-1438257005 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319494213-Aug-1438258847T-01 9955591556 03 POOR 3G SWIP96319498574-Aug-1438261194 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319498504-Aug-1438261483 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319493384-Aug-1438262094 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319491034-Aug-1438261682  jhanjharpur purani bajarWIP96319498805-Aug-1438264543 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319494335-Aug-1438265645 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319492075-Aug-1438266262 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP  96319497925-Aug-1438267611 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319497925-Aug-1438267608 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP75410490125-Aug-1438266592 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319496926-Aug-1438275234 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319492177-Aug-1438275425 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP99340493277-Aug-1438276156 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319491717-Aug-1438276390 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP96319498508-Aug-1438278948 e - 3G Sample Numbers: 9771456 WIP99340498458-Aug-1438283407 WIP 9631949660 9-Aug-14 38285810 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP 9631949285 9-Aug-14 38284613 not available WIP96319496959-Aug-1438285260 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404985510-Aug-1438289833 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194943911-Aug-1438291598 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194913411-Aug-1438292511 WORKING RAMPUR KHAJURIYA WIP963194970411-Aug-1438293078 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194969412-Aug-1438296750 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194917812-Aug-1438296789 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194960712-Aug-1438298291 sue - 3G Sample Numbers: 90970 WIP963194917812-Aug-1438298538 ue - 3G Sample Numbers: 993408 WIP963194914112-Aug-1438299046 G data not working since one we WIP963194943312-Aug-1438301328 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: 963 WIP963194975613-Aug-1438301431BHKLT-01 9973498062 03WIP963194991013-Aug-1438302441 PROBLEM 9934295548WIP963194928514-Aug-1438306987B-03 9006787878 3g coverage dWIP993404924514-Aug-1438307105 01, sample no.- 9631949381WIP963194928514-Aug-1438307154 working properlyWIP993404934614-Aug-1438306972 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194928514-Aug-1438307162 coverage, 3g not workingWIP963194923314-Aug-1438308899 coverage at indoorWIP993404924115-Aug-1438309941 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194917815-Aug-1438311056 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404939015-Aug-1438311349 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194975616-Aug-1438313124BHTHU-01 9470803717 03WIP963194943316-Aug-1438313840 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP  963194963816-Aug-1438314013 PROPERLY SAMPLE NO WIP963194963816-Aug-1438314021 PROPERLY SAMPLE NO WIP963194963816-Aug-1438314029 PROPERLY SAMPLE NO WIP993404925116-Aug-1438314734JHBOK-05 3G not workingWIP963194913417-Aug-1438316005 WORKING SINCE LAST 3DAYS WIP963194979217-Aug-1438317280 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194983518-Aug-1438318982 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194919418-Aug-1438319411 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194972318-Aug-1438319611 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194913318-Aug-1438320233 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404925518-Aug-1438319718 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194923318-Aug-1438321056ry-01 9955599260 03 3g not workWIP963194931418-Aug-1438321533 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194988619-Aug-1438322507 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404927219-Aug-1438322824 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194912119-Aug-1438322856 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194989919-Aug-1438323125 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404933519-Aug-1438323734 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194970319-Aug-1438323973 NetworkWIP993404933519-Aug-1438323974 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194972319-Aug-1438323980 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP754104904619-Aug-1438324132 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP993404928819-Aug-1438324263 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP754104905119-Aug-1438325494 : 3g not working on this site. fluct WIP963194919419-Aug-1438325393 15551 TEXT: No 3G connectivity WIP963194931520-Aug-1438326554BHKAT-12 9631949315 3GWIP963194967020-Aug-1438327770 Sample Numbers: 9939532941 T WIP993404927220-Aug-1438328014 ple Numbers: 9934049272 TEXT: WIP963194931520-Aug-1438326497 WORKING 10 DAYSWIP754104904620-Aug-1438329072 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194994720-Aug-1438329129 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194942720-Aug-1438329205MUN-04,BHMUN-05 3g not workiWIP963194969521-Aug-1438331526 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194962921-Aug-1438331606 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP963194962921-Aug-1438331612 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: WIP  963194942821-Aug-1438332378 data Not workingWIP963194988021-Aug-1438332825 Garkha market 9801089491WIP963194917821-Aug-1438333876 bers: 9771375371 TEXT: 3 G is flu WIP963194938221-Aug-1438333888 t working voice cracking issued p WIP963194938221-Aug-1438333893 ice crack issue properly sample n WIP963194917821-Aug-1438333898 : 9631949459 TEXT: 3 G is not wo WIP963194917022-Aug-1438337043 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: NEW963194976722-Aug-1438337082 Related issue Location Naroli NEW963194989622-Aug-1438337473 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: NEW993404938522-Aug-1438337945 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: NEW993404923122-Aug-1438340684 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: NEW993404944423-Aug-1438340454 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: NEW963194962823-Aug-1438340805 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: NEW754104905123-Aug-1438340410 Issue - 3G Sample Numbers: NEW  CITY CI Type of Complain BSC OWNER AGEING PATNA62426 SLOW SPEEDPRAMOD SINGH56PATNA 63466 SLOW SPEEDPRAMOD SINGH54DHANBAD 42627 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR44 DEOGHAR54866 NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH39RANCHI62277NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR38 GOBINDPUR57896 CONNECTIVITY ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR38 RANCHI  57218 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR33 HAZARIBAGH53666 SLOW SPEEDNEERAJ KUMAR31KISHAN GANJ49946CONNECTIVITY ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH30 RAJMAHAL 63921 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR29ARARIA 46887 CONNECTIVITY ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH29 LOHARDUGGA50706 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR29 MOTIPUR43606 NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH26 DEOGHAR46256 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR26 PATNA63126 SLOW SPEEDPRAMOD SINGH25 SASARAM54166 NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH25 KARBANDIA 47541 NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH24 BARWADIH 39371 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR23NAGRI32686NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR23 BEGUSARAI60796 CONNECTIVITY ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH23 SUPAUL(DHARBHANGA)52166 nETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH23 RANCHI65526 SLOW SPEEDNEERAJ KUMAR22 LOHARDUGGA50726 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR22 RANCHI62026 NETWORK ISSUENEERAJ KUMAR22BARAUNI 61026 SLOW SPEEDPRAMOD SINGH21MUZAFFARPUR58926NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH21KHATOONA50981SLOW SPEEDPRAMOD SINGH20 BETTIAH55706 nETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH19 BARBIGHA 50281 NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH19 IMMAMGANJ 55381 NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH19 JHANJHARPUR43286 nETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH19 MARHAURA 56061 NETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH18 SHIHPUR 46541 CONNECTIVITY ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH18 GOPALGANJ 34381 nETWORK ISSUEPRAMOD SINGH18
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