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Alabama State Policy Yearbook
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  NCTQ STATE TEACHER POLICY YEARBOOK 2012  ALABAMA  : 1     A d m i s s i o n  i n t o  P r e p a r a t i o n  P r o g  r a m s  E l e m e n t a r y  T e a c h e r  P r e p a r a t i o n  S e c o n d a r y  T e a c h e r  P r e p a r a t i o n  S p e c i a l  E d u c a t i o n  T e a c h e r  P r e p a r a t i o n  S t u d e n t  T e a c h i n g   T e a c h e r  P r e p a r a t i o n  P r o g  r a m A c c o u n t a b i l i t y 2012 State TeacherPolicy Yearbook Improving Teacher Preparation inAlabama    S t a t e P o l i c i e s  i n N e e d  o f   A t t e n t i o n  Acknowledgments STATES State education agencies remain our most important partners in this eort, and their continued cooperation has helpedto ensure the actual accuracy o the nal product. Although this year’s edition did not require the extensive review thatthe comprehensive editions require, we still wanted to make sure that we captured all relevant policy changes and thatstates’ perspectives were represented. Every state ormally received a drat o the policy updates we identied in July 2012or comment and correction; states also received a nal drat o their reports a month prior to release. All but one stateresponded to our inquiries. We thank the states or their ongoing willingness to engage in dialogue with us. FUNDERS The primary unders or the 2012 Yearbook  were: n   Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation n   The Joyce Foundation n   Carnegie Corporation o New York  n   The Walton Family Foundation The National Council on Teacher Quality does not accept any direct funding from the federal government. STAFF Sandi Jacobs, Project Director  Sarah Brody, Project Assistant  Kathryn M. Doherty,  Special Contributor  Kelli Lakis, Lead Researcher  Stephanie T. Maltz, Researcher  Thank you to the team at CPS Gumpert or their design o the 2012 Yearbook  . Thanks also to Colleen Hale and Je Haleat EFA Solutions or the srcinal Yearbook  design and ongoing technical support.  NCTQ STATE TEACHER POLICY YEARBOOK 2012  ALABAMA  : 1 Improving Teacher Preparation in  Alabama The 2012  State Teacher Policy Yearbook  puts a spotlight on the critical issue o teacher preparation. The2011 edition o the Yearbook  provided a comprehensive review o all aspects o states’ teacher policies, andalthough considerable progress was noted in areas related to teacher eectiveness, the same could not besaid or teacher preparation. While many states have made advancements in teacher evaluation and tenurerequirements, teacher preparation has yet to capture states’ attention.Good preparation does not guarantee that teachers will ultimately be eective, but there is much more thatcan be done to help ensure that new teachers are “classroom ready.” This edition o the Yearbook  oersstates a roadmap o their teacher preparation policies, identiying priorities that need critical attention andalso identiying low-hanging ruit, policy changes that states can implement in relatively short order. Current Status o Alabama’s Teacher Preparation Policy Last year’s  State Teacher Policy Yearbook  provided an in-depth analysis o each o thetopics identied below. The 2012 score includes any policy changes identied in the last year. Thesymbol indicates a score increase rom 2011. B- YearbookGoalTopic2012Score 1-A  Admission into Preparation Programs 1-B Elementary Teacher Preparation 1-C Elementary Teacher Preparation in Reading Instruction 1-D Elementary Teacher Preparation in Mathematics 1-E Middle School Teacher Preparation 1-F  Secondary Teacher Preparation 1-G  Secondary Teacher Preparation in Science 1-H  Secondary Teacher Preparation in Social Studies 1-I  Special Education Teacher Preparation 1-J  Assessing Professional Knowledge 1-K  Student Teaching 1-L Teacher Preparation Program Accountability  DOES NOT MEET MEETS ONLY A SMALL PART PARTIALLY MEETS NEARLY MEETS FULLY MEETS  2 : NCTQ STATE TEACHER POLICY YEARBOOK 2012 ALABAMA Alabama Response to Policy Update States were asked to review NCTQ’s identied updates and also to comment on policy changes related to teacher preparation that have occurred in the last year, pending changes or teacher preparation in the state more gener-ally. States were also asked to review NCTQ’s analysis o teacher preparation authority (See Figure 20).Alabama was helpul in providing NCTQ with additional inormation about policy changes related to teacher preparation. The state also noted that as o September 1, 2012, all applicants or initial certication in early child-hood and/or elementary education must attain a passing score on the Praxis II “Teaching Reading” assessment,which addresses the ve components o the science o reading. Further, all preparation programs are required toaddress these components. (These requirements were outlined in the 2011 Yearbook  .)Alabama added that it continues to require that all teachers, including secondary teachers, pass a content testwhen adding subject-area endorsements to an existing license. The state also recently adopted three new PraxisII tests or special education teachers in addition to the requirement that they also pass the subject-matter testsrequired o general elementary education teachers as well as the reading test.Alabama was also helpul in providing NCTQ with additional inormation about state authority or teacher prepa-ration and licensing. 2012 Policy Update or  Alabama Based on a review o state legislation, rules and regulations, NCTQ has identied the ollowing recent policychanges in Alabama:  Elementary Teacher Preparation   Eective September 1, 2012, Alabama requires that all elementary teachers, as a condition o licensure, pass thePraxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test, which reports subscores in each subject area . http://www.alsde.edu/Home/Executive/BoardResolutions.aspx?view=1911  Elementary Teacher Preparation in Mathematics   The state’s newly adopted Praxis II Multiple Subjects test also contains a separately scored math subsection . http://www.alsde.edu/Home/Executive/BoardResolutions.aspx?view=1911  Admission into Preparation Programs   Alabama now requires aspiring teachers to pass a three-part basic skills test as a criterion or admission intoteacher preparation programs . http://www.alsde.edu/Home/Executive/BoardResolutions.aspx?view=1911  Assessing Proessional Knowledge   Alabama now requires all teachers to pass a Praxis II pedagogy test as a condition o licensure . http://www.alsde.edu/Home/Executive/BoardResolutions.aspx?view=1911
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