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18884 CHE (1)
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  Topics Out of these 15 topics are given randomly to the students individually.Submission week- 9 th  weekEvaluation criteria Synopsis (5 marks), Report (15 marks) And presentation/viva (10 marks) •  Nuclear Power and Nuclear aste, • !ndan"ered species, • #isaster $ana"ement, • Renewa%le resources o& ener"y, • Plastic recyclin", • 'reen ouse e&&ect, • !aste, • ater arvestin", • Acid rain and t*eir e&&ect, •  Nitro"en +ycle, • 'reen Revolution, • 'reen *ouse e&&ect, • nte"rated or"anic -armin", • !co &riendly met*ods in construction, •  paper and plastics recyclin", • reduction o& automo%ile diesel emissions, • $unicipal waste mana"ement, • Solar water *eater, • 'reen c*emistry, • .iodiversity conservation, • ld met*od o& water puri&ication, • !lectricity $ana"ement, • -uel +onservation, • -uture resource o& ener"y, • se o& nano particle in water puri&ication, • .io "as, •  Nuclear Pollution, • 'enetically $odi&ied &ood and +rops, • ater treatment and puri&ication, • P*oto oltaic cell, • .iodiesel, • Solar ener"y, • Sewa"e treatment,  • !colo"ical -ootprint, • Soil erosion, • 'eot*ermal ener"y, • Air pollution and t*eir e&&ect on environment, • ater conservation,
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