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  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 1 hps://www.braindumps2go.com   Fortinet NSE7_EFW Exam Fortinet NSE7 Enterprise Firewall - FortiOS 5.4 Exam Thank you for downloading NSE7_EFW exam PDF DemoYou should try our NSE7_EFW pracce exam sowareDownload Free Demo: https://www.braindumps2go.com/NSE7_EFW.html  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 2 hps://www.braindumps2go.com Version: 12.0 Queson: 1 Examine the IPsec conguraon shown in the exhibit; then answer the queson below.An administrator wants to monitor the VPN by enabling the IKE real me debug using thesecommands:diagnose vpn ike log-lter src-addr4 debug applicaon ike -1  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 3 hps://www.braindumps2go.com diagnose debug enableThe VPN is currently up, there is no trac crossing the tunnel and DPD packets are beinginterchanged between both IPsec gateways. However, the IKE real me debug does NOT show anyoutput. Why isn’t there any output?A. The IKE real me shows the phases 1 and 2 negoaons only. It does not show any more outputonce the tunnel is up.B. The log-lter seng is set incorrectly. The VPN’s trac does not match this lter.C. The IKE real me debug shows the phase 1 negoaon only. For informaon aer that, theadministrator must use the IPsec real me debug instead: diagnose debug applicaon ipsec -1.D. The IKE real me debug shows error messages only. If it does not provide any output, it indicatesthat the tunnel is operang normally. Answer: AQueson: 2 Which of the following statements are true regarding the SIP session helper and the SIP applicaonlayer gateway (ALG)? (Choose three.)A. SIP session helper runs in the kernel; SIP ALG runs as a user space process.B. SIP ALG supports SIP HA failover; SIP helper does not.C. SIP ALG supports SIP over IPv6; SIP helper does not.D. SIP ALG can create expected sessions for media trac; SIP helper does not.E. SIP helper supports SIP over TCP and UDP; SIP ALG supports only SIP over UDP. Answer: B,C,DQueson: 3 A ForGate device has the following LDAP conguraon:The administrator executed the ‘dsquery’ command in the Windows LDAp server, and gotthe following output:>dsquery user –samid administrator  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 4 hps://www.braindumps2go.com “CN=Administrator, CN=Users, DC=trainingAD, DC=training, DC=lab”Based on the output, what ForGate LDAP seng is congured incorrectly?A. cnid.B. username.C. password.D. dn. Answer: AQueson: 4 Which of the following statements is true regarding a ForGate congured as an explicit web proxy?A. ForGate limits the number of simultaneous sessions per explicit web proxy user. This limitCANNOT be modied by the administrator.B. ForGate limits the total number of simultaneous explicit web proxy users.C. ForGate limits the number of simultaneous sessions per explicit web proxy user. The limit CAN bemodied by the administrator.D. ForGate limits the number of workstaons that authencate using the same web proxy usercredenals. This limit CANNOT be modied by the administrator. Answer: CQueson: 5 A corporate network allows Internet Access to FSSO users only. The FSSO user student does not haveInternet access aer successfully logged into the Windows AD network. The output of the ‘diagnosedebug authd fsso list’ command does not show student as an acve FSSO user. Other FSSO users canaccess the Internet without problems. What should the administrator check? (Choose two.)A. The user student must not be listed in the CA’s ignore user list.B. The user student must belong to one or more of the monitored user groups.C. The student workstaon’s IP subnet must be listed in the CA’s trusted list.D. At least one of the student’s user groups must be allowed by a ForGate rewall policy. Answer: B,DQueson: 6 An administrator has decreased all the TCP session mers to opmize the ForGate memory usage.However, aer the changes, one network applicaon started to have problems. During thetroubleshoong, the administrator noced that the ForGate deletes the sessions aer the clientssend the SYN packets, and before the arrival of the SYN/ACKs. When the SYN/ACK packets arrive tothe ForGate, the unit has already deleted the respecve sessions. Which TCP session mer must beincreased to x this problem?  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 5 hps://www.braindumps2go.com A. TCP half open.B. TCP half close.C. TCP me wait.D. TCP session me to live. Answer: AQueson: 7 An administrator is running the following snier in a ForGate:diagnose snier packet any “host” 2What informaon is included in the output of the snier? (Choose two.)A. Ethernet headers.B. IP payload.C. IP headers.D. Port names. Answer: B,CQueson: 8 Examine the paral output from two web lter debug commands; then answer the queson below:Based on the above outputs, which is the ForGuard web lter category for the web sitewww.fgt99.com?A. Finance and banking
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