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For More Details Visit Here: https://www.braindumps2go.com/DES-1D11.html The DES-1D11 exam dumps is an ultimate source for Midrange Storage Solutions to keep their credentials updated. Our DES-1D11 exam dumps are suitable to busy professionals, those
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  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 1 hps://www.braindumps2go.com   Dell DES-1D11 Exam Dell EMC Technology Architect Midrange, Storage SolutionsSpecialist Exam Thank you for downloading DES-1D11 exam PDF DemoYou should try our DES-1D11 pracce exam sowareDownload Free Demo: https://www.braindumps2go.com/DES-1D11.html  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 2 hps://www.braindumps2go.com Version: 9.0 Queson: 1 In a Dell EMC Unity environment, how many Disk Partnership Groups will be created using all thedisks shown in the exhibit?A. 1B. 2C. 3D. 5 Answer: BQueson: 2 You are designing a Dell EMC Unity soluon for a customer. The customer requires protecon againstthe loss of a site for an applicaon that is sensive to long response mes. Which Unity featuremeets these requirements?A. Incremental AachB. Asynchronous ReplicaonC. Nave SANCopy ImportD. Synchronous Replicaon Answer: BQueson: 3 A customer has a Dell EMC SC9000 that supports transparent, non-disrupve volume movementamong arrays. This allows the combined capacity and cache of the enre federated cluster to beseamlessly ulized for maximum performance and scalability in expanding data centers.By leveraging the eight SC9000 arrays, what will be the total maximum raw capacity?  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 3 hps://www.braindumps2go.com A. 5.3 PBB. 8 PBC. 16 PBD. 24 PB Answer: DQueson: 4 You are designing a Dell EMC Unity soluon that uses external key management to provide datasecurity to an array at a remote site. Which encrypon key is held in the KMIP server and is requiredfor the Unity boot?A. Key Wrapping KeyB. Store Ignion KeyC. RSA KeyD. Data Encrypon Key Answer: BQueson: 5 Which value should be used for back-end sizing when planning a Dell EMC SC Series soluon?A. 1x front-end throughputB. 2x front-end throughputC. 3x front-end throughputD. 4x front-end throughput Answer: BQueson: 6 What is a benet of cross-plaorm replicaon between Dell EMC SC Series and PS Series?A. Acve Snapshot ReplicaonB. Live Volume ReplicaonC. Compression of replicated dataD. Leverages exisng interfaces Answer: AQueson: 7 Based on Dell EMC SC Series architecture and sizing best pracces, how should the total amount of IOPS be distributed on a 2-er soluon?  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 4 hps://www.braindumps2go.com A. Tier 1: 50% IOPSTier 2: 50% IOPSB. Tier 1: 100% IOPSTier 2: 40% IOPSC. Tier 1: 80% IOPSTier 3: 20% IOPSD. Tier 1: 100% IOPSTier 3: 20% IOPS Answer: CQueson: 8 When designing a Dell EMC Unity 550F, what is the maximum number of enclosures and drive slotsper bus?A. 10 enclosures and 250 drive slotsB. 10 enclosures and 500 drive slotsC. 15 enclosures and 275 drive slotsD. 15 enclosures and 1000 drive slots Answer: BQueson: 9 You are designing a soluon for a customer who is sensive to capacity needs. In addion, theenvironment consists of large read request I/O characteriscs. Which Dell EMC midrange storagesoluon will meet the customer’s requirements?A. Unity All-Flash: Striping RAID, Dynamic Pool, and Flash 2 drivesSC Series: Data Progression andwrite-intensive SSDs on Tier 1B. Unity All-Flash: Parity RAID, FAST VP, and FAST CacheSC Series: FastTrack and read-intensive SSDson Tier 1C. Unity All-Flash: Parity RAID, Dynamic Pool, and Flash 3 drivesSC Series: Data Progression and read-intensive SSDs on Tier 1D. Unity All-Flash: Striping RAID, FAST VP, and FAST CacheSC Series: FastTrack and read-intensive SSDson Tier 1 Answer: BQueson: 10 What is recommended to maximize system performance on Dell EMC Unity systems?A. Avoid distribung host connecons across front-end portsB. Use LACP for iSCSI connecvityC. Build storage pools with many drivesD. Build storage pools with fewer drives  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 5 hps://www.braindumps2go.com Answer: C
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