02 raster graphics ver 2014

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02 raster graphics ver 2014
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  Basic Raster Graphics  Algorithms for 2D Drawing 8/26/2014  • Raster Display: Primitive element: pixel Raster: A rectangular array of points or dots Pixel: One dot or picture element of the raster Scan line: A row of pixels Great asset: total control of the image Biggest problems: you work at a particular RESOLUTION 8/26/2014  Plotting pixels •In it’s most basic form, each pixel can be set to black or white (i.e. turned on or off), allowing patterns of dots to be created on the screen. •Classic problem… “ staircasing ”.   8/26/2014  Memory Mapping • Drawing on the computer screen is achieved by setting the right pixels either on or off. Each pixel on the screen corresponds to an address in the computers memory - this is known as memory mapping and the display is said to be a “memory mapped display.”   8/26/2014  Memory Mapping 8/26/2014
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